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Call for Balkans photo stories / Poziv za foto priče sa Balkana

Dear photographers,

Magazine Balkanium is a place where photojournalists will collaborate and together create and show a more positive and charismatic side of the Balkans.

This blog will, during time, become beautiful archive of stories about Balkans and its people.

We started with photo stories to show a ’’form’’ that will exist on this magazine.

We want to nurture quality photography and text, so this call is open for professional photographers/photojournalists, semi-professional and really dedicated amateurs.

Form of photo reportages is a short text/ story/interview and series of photos.


  • Text : minimum 1000 characters (with spaces)

  • Photos : 5 – 15 photos, minimum long side size 680px

  • Short biography

Call is open for photographic stories from all over the Balkans that focus on people, daily life, traditions, culture etc. Everything that shows connection between nations in every way.

For more information read this article about Balkanium creation:


Balkanium is volunteering from both sides. For now. We cannot offer to pay, but we offer quality approach in publishing Your stories and promoting Your stories.

Also, we are not payed for our work, there is only an option to donate on the main page.

In fact, Balkanium is just one person, who tries to create a place for positive aspect of the Balkans, and she needs Your help with that! :)

If You are interested in participating with a photo story or becoming a part of Balkanium, send Your work or contact us with any questions at :

Thank You.

Balkanium founder and photographer

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