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Anđela Petrovski

Founder and Editor of Balkanium


Photo credit: Jelena Mitrović


Balkanium is a blog with a goal to introduce and bring closer people from different countries of the Balkans. It was conceived as a magazine for photojournalists from all countries of the Balkans to share the stories and examples from their countries, thus introducing people to, or reminding people of their country, surprising us or teaching us something new, or realizing our similarities. The stories will contain certain messages, subtly proving that differences are not important, that there are good people everywhere, and that every change in difficult circumstances starts from the individual. Under difficult circumstances I here refer to the social circumstances of most people from the Balkans, all having more or less similar issues: unemployment, bitterness, poor conditions, but who are also prejudiced, closed off and disconnected. Of course, the opposite of all this will hardly ever come to pass completely, but from my personal experience that was very important to me, and many other things I have already mentioned, I realized that it is possible to always try to take steps that would in time, however long it took, lead to these changes.

Anđela Petrovski

Anđela Petrovski was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1991., where she completed high school for design and bachelor and master studies in documentary photography at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade.


As a master's project, she founded the photography magazine Balkanium, where she is an editor, photographer, writer, designer, financier, etc. In addition to her profession as a photographer, she finds herself in writing and research, and with the Balkanium project, she managed to combine all her interests in one place. Her mentor on the master project was Aleksandar Kelić, a professor and now a friend whom she admires and cares about deeply.


She also deals with documentary reports in the form of photos and text, she participated in numerous workshops, the most notable of which is the workshop of Klavdij Sluban, to whom she is currently an assistant at workshops in the Balkans.


She is a participant in the group and solo exhibitions and collaborates with several important clients such as the Guitar Art Festival where she reconciled her passion for music with photography. She is inspired by the Balkans and communication with people from the Balkan countries and beyond, and her goal is to succeed in finding a common point that would somehow connect these countries and create communication between photographers and people in general.

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