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Call for photographers

Dear photographers,

Magazine Balkanium is a place where photographers will collaborate and together create and show a more positive and charizmatic side of the Balkans.

Main task is to find a colleague from each Balkan country and to create a Balkanium team, that will, one day, lead this magazine.

We started with photo stories to show a ’’form’’ that will exist on this magazine.

We want to nurture quality photography and text, so this call is open for professional photographers/photojournalists, semi-professional and really dedicated amateurs.

Form of photo reportages is a short text/ story/interview and series of photos.


Text : minimum 1000 characters (with spaces)

Photos : 5 – 15 photos, minimum long side size 680px

One landscape photo that goes as featured and describes whole story.

Short biography

Call is open for photographic stories from all over the Balkans that focus on people, daily life, traditions, culture etc.

Send Your work or contact us at

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